The Choirmaster

Foto von Marco Bindelli

Marco Bindelli was born in Völklingen (Saarland) in 1963. Music has always been a part of daily life for him. After having studied the oboe as well as the piano at the conservatory of the Saarland, Bindelli continued his studies with Prof. Peter Michael Riehm (†) in Stuttgart. Furthermore, he gathered experiences in various concerts and long lasting music instruction.   Nowadays Marco Bindelli is the director of the Freie Jugendseminar Stuttgart and works as oboist, conductor and composer. Additionally, he is active in conducting the chamber choir CANTIQUA NOVA and performs with the ensemble Fugato. He also guides cultural journeys and functions as a lecturer of various seminars, for example seminars of art history and intellectual history.

“Let life appear in music – bring music into life.”